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TRN BT20S Pro Short Review


This is the TRN BT20S Pro, and it’s basically a pair of bluetooth adapters that turns any IEMs that you have into a pair of true wireless stereo earbuds. welcome in our site Activegrouplink

It’s not really a new idea, and this is actually the 3rd generation of the BT20 series.

But I never really got into the older versions because they were a little inconvenient to use.

You have to manually turn them on or off, charging is through a Y-split micro USB cable, and battery life is limited to whatever you can get out of the adapters.

With the BT20S Pro I don’t have to deal with all those things anymore, all because of this charging case.

First of all, they turn the adapters on and off automatically when I take them out or put them back in, so they are now just as convenient to use as

Putting them into the case also charges the adapters, which also means that I can get a much longer playback time out of them.

Based on my own tests, I’m seeing around10-11 hours of playback per charge depending on the IEMs that I am using, with the case providing around 3 to 4 extra charges.

The case is pretty huge, but it’s sort of a necessity since it has to house not only the adapters, but the IEMs as well.

At least the case feels pretty solid, has a nice faux leather finish, and uses USB-C for charging.

I’m not sure if it’s just for this unit, but I did notice that the left side of the charging case seems to lose connection with the adapter easier than the

right side, but it’s not really an issue when the case is fully closed, so this is not a huge concern for me.

But I do hope that maybe for the next version, they could find a way to arrange the adapters so that the right side of the adapter will actually be on

Sound Quality of TRN BT-20S Buds

Other than the charging case, the other major upgrade to the BT20S Pro is the ability to swap the connectors.

With previous versions, I would have to choose the connector I want when I buy them.

But now, I can just buy the connectors separately, which makes it a lot more flexible to work with, especially if you have a bunch of IEMs with different types of connectors.

In terms of sound quality, I’ve found these to be pretty great.

At least to my ears, they don’t really colour the sound too much, and I don’t hear a massive difference compared to the Apple USB-C audio adapter that I’m using on

my Mac Mini, which has a pretty clean output.

I’m sure if your hearing is much better than mine, you might hear a bigger difference between them, but for me it’s more than good enough.

Volume output is good enough for all of the stuff that I have tried with it, and for something like the BLON BL-03, 40% volume is good enough for home use.

So in regards to sound quality, I have no complaints at all.

In terms of fit, because I wear glasses, they’re not the most hassle free when it comes to putting them on.

The need to wear a mask when I’m out side doesn’t really help as well.

But they are comfortable enough once I put them on properly.

Because of the ear hook design, they work better with over-ear IEMs or earbuds, so if you have something a little different, they don’t really work that well.

These are said to have a bit of water resistance, but because of Singapore’s weather and how much I normally sweat, I personally would never use these while jogging.

Not to mention that the main module will probably bounce around a little, so for me I wouldn’t really recommend them for more vigorous activities.

Connectivity wise, it has been really solid for me, and I’ve had no issues with dropouts even in slightly more crowded places.

It supports aptx as well, which is a nice bonus.

No low latency mode here, so there is still a noticeable delay when gaming, but it’s fine for watching videos on YouTube.

It also has a microphone for phone calls,and call quality here is actually pretty good.

At its current price, it cost more than twiceas much compared to its predecessors, but I still feel like it’s worth it becausehaving that charging case is just so

It’s easier to use, easier to carry around, easier to charge, and I can get so much more playback time before I would need to plugin a charger.

Not to mention if you look at other options in the market right now, they’re not exactly cheap as well.

So overall, if you already have a bunch of IEMs that you really enjoy, and you want to be able to use them wirelessly, the BT20SPro is a pretty great option.

Thanks for Reading this Review on TRN BT20S and see you guys on the Blog.

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