Tranya T10 Review Full Details And Price.

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Tranya T10 Review Details

Tranya T10 Review

This is the Tranya T10 Review , the successor of the well-received T3, and if you take a quick glance at the title of these reviews, it’s not hard to guess what the Even on their website, it’s stated pretty clearly what you can expect from them.

But before we talk about sound, let’s just quickly go through the basics. Welcome in our site

In terms of design, the case is a little bit on the bigger side, but the matte finish feels pretty decent, and it has a clear set of battery indicators.

The lid is a little stiff, which is actually a good thing for me because it makes it easier to remove the earbuds.

It’s using USB-C for charging, and surprisingly, it actually supports wireless charging as well.

I feel like these earbuds are probably designed with jogging or sports in mind.

They don’t have the deepest or tightest fit, but it’s still secure enough for jogging.

The more relaxed fit actually translates to less thumping sound from my footsteps, and they are IPX7 rated for water resistance aswell, so no worries when jogging with it.

Even for the touch controls, a single tap doesn’t really do anything, so it reduces the likelihood of accidental touches.

Instead, you long press to play or pause, double tap to change the volume, and triple tap to change the track.

Call quality is surprisingly decent, and it is able to pick up my voice even in slightly noisier environments.

In terms of connectivity, it seems pretty reliable so far, and comes aptx support as well, which is a nice bonus.

There is no low latency mode for gaming, so there is still a noticeable delay when gaming, but no issues with watching videos on YouTube.

In terms of battery life, at the volume that I’m using which is around 60-65%, I’m able to get around 5 to 6 hours of use ona single charge, and

These have a relatively large 12mm dynamic driver, and as mentioned at the start of this video, the bass is the highlight here.

It’s punchy and has a prominent sub bass rumble.

However in busier and bass heavy tracks, it can overwhelm the mids a little, especially darker male vocals, and separation can suffera little as well.

But in simpler tracks, it’s not too bad, and is able to present a decent amount of details.

Upper mids are elevated, so female vocals and brighter instruments still stand out a little from the strong bass.

Treble is relatively polite, so overall it’s a warm and full sound signature that I think will appeal to bassheads.

Personally, while I do find it enjoyable to listen to, especially while jogging, I feel like the bass is overpowering the mids a littletoo often for the songs that I listen to, so I normally EQ the bass down a little.

Another option is that you can tap 5 times on the earbuds to switch to the normal sound profile instead of the default bass boostmode, but I find that it makes the upper mids and treble a bit harsh and peaky, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

At the current price of just under 40 USD,I think the T10 is still pretty good value for money, especially if you prefer a more bassy sound signature.

It has good battery life, works great for jogging, and it supports wireless charging, which is something I don’t often see for TWS earbuds in this price range.

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