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Welcome back guys in this article you get latest and new rss whatsapp group link. Rss is a indian party here you join group ralated to political party.

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rss whatsapp group link
rss whatsapp group link

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rss whatsapp group link
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Left wing and Right wing, then there is also Leftist and Rightist ideologies, Capitalist,Communist and Socialist ideologies, these gamut of words are used to describe varied political ideologies.

You must have heard of them everywhere. But i can bet many people who use these words presently, do not know the actual meaning of them. These words,in a sense, have lost their true meaning somewhere, due to people using them without thorough understanding.

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Therefore in this video,I will explain the true meaning of these words and the exact context of the political ideologies associated with these words.

Finally, i will show you, out of all these ideologies which is the best one. So lets begin. Left or Right, both these words were first used in the French Revolution of the 18th century.

France had Monarchy back then which means, one king and his dynasty who would rule the nation. Some people supported the monarchy and some people opposed it, as they favored democracy. rss whatsapp group link

The French Parliament had a seating arrangement for both of them in such a way, that the people sitting on the right were those who were loyal to their Monarch, mainly the wealthy class who didn’t want a change in the monarchy.

Those sitting on the left were the ones who were poor, deeply desiring a revolutionary change in the existing system. Therefore, the definition of “Left” & “Right” in some ways was formed in this manner.

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For the right wing, the other words used are conservative, the establishment supporters, the upholders of the existing system.

On the other hand, words used to describe Left wing are reformists, those desiring a change-the revolutionaries. From that time, there have been a few changes to the meaning of these words till present times.

Today, these two words can be best described by the ideologies of the different American political parties. America has two political parties, namely Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats are also known as the Left wing party and the Republicans are known as the Right wing party. rss whatsapp group link

There are some varied policies,decisions and opinions on several matters which are different between the Left and the Right wing parties.

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The ones belonging to the Left wing are of the strong opinion to separate religion from the government. They support same marriage and oppose the Death Penalty.

They want to be open to the Immigrants. They want to increase the taxes on the rich and generally support Globalization and are Pro-Immigration.

Those supporting the Right wing party, have opinions generally opposite to the left wing party in these matters. They want Religion and Government to be hand in hand, and the country to be united under one official State religion.

They are mostly against Abortion and want to keep the taxes at the bare minimum, so as to give encouragement to innovation and entrepreneurship. rss whatsapp group link

Some News related to Rss and Bjp
rss whatsapp group link

In most ways, they support the ideology of Capitalism They are not Pro-Immigration and want to keep it restricted so that, as much as possible, the country’s culture can be conserved.

Therefore, they are also known as Conservatives. Obviously,it can be said that any political party or any of its members can by themselves support some opinions of the Left wing and some opinions of the right wing.

This does happens in Politics. More appropriately, it can be deduced, which party is Left leaning i.e mostly in support of Leftist ideologies and which party is Right leaning i.e mostly supporting Rightist ideologies. The numerous ideologies of Left and Right can be classified in one more way.

Fact of Rss and Bjp

Left and Right wing can be labelled as Economically Left or Economically Right wing and Socially Left or Socially Right wing. In Social, the issues covered are mostly religion related, abortion related and same marriage related among others. In Economical, the issues differentiating the Left and Right wing are mostly about how much the government interferes in the running of the country’s economy.

More the interference of the government in the country’s affairs and economy, more it starts leaning towards the left wing ideologies. Lesser the interference of the government, in the country’s affairs and its economy, it starts leaning more towards the right wing ideologies, economically. In here now comes the definition of “Communism”.

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The Communist ideology is defined as an extreme left wing ideology because, communists believe in total control of government over the country’s economy. “Socialism” can be defined in the category of Center-Left as the socialist ideology believes in a partial control of government over the country’s economy and affairs.

Those who come in the category of Center-Right and the Extreme-Right believe that lesser the interference and control of government over the economy, the better it is. They are certain that freer the markets are of the governmental control, the better it is for the economy.

Now in the perspective of India, you may be wondering which party can be classified into Left wing ideology, and which into the Right wing ideology. In case of Socially Left wing or Right wing for the religion aspect, mainly three parties emerge in India. BJP, Shiv Sena and AIMIM. The remaining parties fall in the Left wing ideology due to their secular views like Congress, AAP, JDU TMC and CPI-M. If we look at the economical aspects,

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