Mi Smart Speaker With Full Review

Mi Smart Speaker
Mi Smart Speaker

So smart speakers are not exactly the product category people like to invest a lot into, because we’re just not sure if we’re going to use it that much. mi smart speaker.

The effect of that is that most people end up buying the smallerEcho Dots and Google Home Minis because the bigger speakers cost 7-8 thousand, and these just give you most of the functionality that you need with a smart speaker.

But because of their size, they don’t deliver the best quality in music, and that kind of sucks. So Xiaomi has launched their Mi Smart speaker that tries to solve this issue.

It’s not a small speaker like Echo Dot, so it does sound way better, but it’s also not as expensive as the full-sized Google Home or Amazon Echo. It also has some other unique features, so let’s check them out and see if you should buy it.

Hey Siddharth, I am guys, and let’s get started. Inside the box, you get a manual, the speaker itself, and the power adapter. The Mi Smart speaker does look pretty premium, even ignoring its price tag.

You have 10531 holes on the metal grill that surrounds it, and that does look really good. It also looks really clean on top, because you have 4 stealthily placed touch-sensitive buttons on it, along with its 2 far-field microphones.

It also has an outer ring that illuminates with different colors like the echo speakers. It also has some weight to it at 853 grams, which does make it feel high quality.

The buttons on top work really well, so you have the volume up and down buttons, then a button to mute the microphone for privacy, and then you have a play/pause button and the great thing about these buttons is that they never miss your touch and they’re very responsive,

so the playback button just instantly plays and resumes audio which makes it feel very high quality. The smarts inside this smart speaker are provided by Google with their Google Assistant, and even though I also like A L E X A on echo dot,

it syncs really well with my Android smartphone. So for example, if you set reminders you get that added to your Google calendar if I turn the lights on or off it shows the brightness slider on my phone, and most importantly, Google Assistant is just smarter and much more natural to interact with than other Smart assistants.

You are getting a 1-year subscription to Gaanawith this speaker, but it also supports YouTube music, which basically has everything that you can think of, so that really adds to its value if you have Youtube Premium.

I am not going to cover Google Home SmartSpeaker features in details, but you can do a lot of things like currency conversions, translations, flip coins, controlling smart home devices, controlling other Google devices like your Android TV, you can basically do a google search on it with voice and get that result on your phone which is awesome.

Hey Google, what does Omae Wa Mu Shinderuin Japanese Mean in English? Google Home also supports Hindi now, so you can also talk to it in Hindi. The speaker also has Bluetooth support,

so you can put this phone beside your bed, then you can connect your phone to it and watch videos with audio from your phone, and you can also have your smart TV connected and use it as a TV speaker because it is really good enough for that purpose.

You can also get two of these speakers and connect them to get a stereo channel sound, and you’re really going to get a decent volume out of two of these speakers.

Mi says that they have a good quality sound chip from Texas Instruments and it is tuned by DTS which does actually make it sound quite balanced, but one thing I do miss on this speaker is the lack of a 3.5 mm out at back, which could have let the buyers take advantage of the good quality sound chip with their other speakers.

Now the other smaller speakers like the EchoDot 3rd generation claim that they have a 360 degree sound, but what that basically means is that they have a speaker that fires sound upwards or downwards, and then the body of the speaker reflects that sound around the speaker.

On the Mi Smart speaker, we have a front-firing 12-watt driver which is 2.5 inches in size, and that is kind of decently big for a device like this. I also prefer the front-firing speaker instead of the 360degree one, because I mostly need sound projected in one direction where I am listening to it,

so it does that with its full power. The new Echo dot 4th Generation does have its speaker on the front, but its sound quality is not as good. Even though the smaller speaker can actually get louder, its sound is not as complete as the Mi Smart speaker, and the songs sound shouty on it as it lacks bass to match that volume.

The Mi Smart speaker has a very balanced sound with very good presence in the bass, which it retains even at full volume, and that sounds really great, and it is good enough to be actually enjoyable for music, so

I really like this speaker a lot because now you don’t have to spend 7 to 8 thousand to get a smart speaker that sounds good enough for music. It also of course sounds WAY better than theGoogle Home Mini, so I didn’t compare it with that. So in conclusion, at the launch price of 3,500Rs.

The Mi Smart speaker is a really great deal. Not only it sounds really good for the price, but it also manages to look really premium, while also functioning really well. The only‘con’ I can think of is a lack of a 3.5mm jack but in practice,

I don’t think I’d keep another bigger speaker powered on all the time and attach that to it, and you can always connect to bigger speakers with Bluetooth. So this speaker really delivers a value formoney that made Xiaomi popular.

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