How to Backup Apps and data in your android phones

Backup Apps and Data to android phones

Backup Apps and Data to android phones

Hey Guys , welcome to our Website we know that how much pains you taking after lose all the data to your phones to backup everything, so in this Article lets have a look at the best way to backup all the apps without losing any data on your android device.

so before we begin if you wish to stay notified about the latest post do click on that allow button So back in the early days of android we had this app called titanium backup and it was great for rooted users it’s still there but it has not been updated often and causes the apps to crash on latest android versions and thus does not function properly.

So first of all you need to have a rooted device so make sure is installed properly , now simply download this app called migrate from play store , so after it gets installed open the app , now grant the root access to this app , if you are rooted you will get a popup like this one.

so now choose backup option from this list now choose the apps and data you want to backup along with the app permissions and it makes everything really simple , You can see my device has amazon app right now so i will go go ahead and click on backup , now choose if you want to backup data and permissions too and, so after choosing the apps.

you can now choose contacts , messages and all the stuff you wish to backup So now click on start backup and wait for a few minutes till this process gets Now after flashing a new rom or formatting your device what you have to do is simply reboot to twrp and now flash the backup zip file in migrate folder

Do make sure to keep a copy of this folder in your pc as a precautionary measure .So go to install> swipe to install And after this gets installed reboot to system make sure you do have magisk installed in your device after formatting or flashing anew rom.

So reboot your device and now you will see either a notification to restore the app or open migrate helper from the app drawer, now click on restore apps and data and it will show you the apps you just backed up.

Click on that and give all the necessary permission sit asks for , And the migrate app will start restoring the apps and all the data associated with them ,so all you have to do is wait for a while…and as you can see its done now and the app Ire stored is working just fine and has all the data .

You can uninstall this app or keep it as you wish to and there you have it this is one of the easiest way to backup all the apps and data on your device and this makes the whole data backup task easy,.. So if you face any issues or have any questions do let me know in the comments section.

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