Eska E900 Pro Headphone Full Review and Price

Eska E900 Pro Headphone
Eska E900 Pro Headphone

Today we’re reaching to scrutinize the EKSA900 professional play telephone receiver, and EKSA is really the sister whole of OneOdio, whose headphones recently coated and located to deliver Associate in Nursing nearly unbelievable sound quality for the price. Eska E900 Pro Headphone

And this earphone truly conjointly delivers similar worth, however within the play telephone receiver class, therefore we’re reaching to make sure out, and we conjointly gong to possess some comparisons with the JBL Quantum a hundred.

this can be EKSA900 professional review. within the box, you get a great deal of stuff, so first, you get a manual, then a fifty Rs. supply for a positive review that we’ll speak about later, then there’s another manual, a detachable boom mic with a foam cowl that is removable, a removable three.

5mm telephone receiver cable, together with a splitter to attach it to your laptop, then you get a USB blood group} to type C cable for connecting it in digital mode, so you finally get to the carrying bag equipped that contains the telephone receiver itself. If the planning of the EKSA 900 professional appears acquainted,

it is as a result of it will look quite like a Corsair HS50 telephone receiver, however, it still looks sort of a complete ripoff, and this style will perform fine. On the aspect, you’ve got a metal grill with the ESA emblem that lights up after you connect it with USB mode,

and it will look pretty nice and tasteful with its red color. On the left earcup, you’ve got all the controls and connections, therefore initial you’ve got the quantity management, then a button to mute the mic, the the3.5mm jack for analog affiliation, a USB kind C connection, then finally the jack for the microphone that is additionally three.5mm.

The build quality on this telephone receiver is outstanding for the value, the metal band feels very nice, {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} quality of padding on itis also very nice, it will have the just about identical ear cup hinges of the HS50 which are made from metal and feel very sturdy,

the scarf size may be adjusted with this topless technique that works well, and these do have these red rolled wires powering the drivers, however, these wires feel sturdy enough to not build Maine feel involved regarding their durability. whereas the earcups tilt during a sensible vary,

there every very little swivel, however, it’s still enough to create them snug on your ears. And speaking of comfort, the earpads on the KSA 900 professional area unit nearly improbably sensible, I feel they need memory foam within, and that is simply wonderful to possess at this worth, as a result of I do have earpads alone that cost2000 rs.

however area unit still not memory foam. therefore as a result these area units simply extraordinarily comfortable on your head, and not only for the value, however generally.

These area units very more well-off than therefore of the dearer play headsets so you’ll wear them for hours with no problems. as a result of the earpads don’t feel terribly dense,

I am unsure however long they’re going to retain their form with time, however another wonderful feature on these is that the earpads are literally removable,

therefore you’ll modification them once they lose their firmness rather than ending up with an earphone that’s fully unusable and this is a few things that actually bother Maine as a result of even a number of the terribly high-priced headphones

don’t feature removable ear pads that are a necessity once it involves headphones. able to|i’ll} embody a link to shop for these official roads within the video description if I’m able to notice it, however, you’ll simply use any earpad of an analogous form and place it on this plastic ring and install it simply on the earcup. The electro-acoustic transducer is removable as

I discussed, and it’s simply adjustable, and this can be however it looks like, and that I assume that it sounds pretty sensible.

currently finally coming back to the sound quality, itis particular for the value, however, it doesn’t fully blow the competition out of the water like their OneOdio earphone. that the bass on these is basically sensible for the price, however, it’s is reasonably boosted an excessive amount of for my style,

and it will have an effect on the other frequencies and also the overall sound quality, therefore I in person like reducing the bass frequency by 3-4 decibels which improves the sound quality.

The mids and highs on these also are sensible, but they’re sensible considering their worth and every one the options they need on board because purely in terms of sound refinement, the mids and highs on the JBL Quantum a hundred area unit higher.

The soundstage on these headphones is also good, but again, the JBL Quantum a hundred has a wider soundstage. For gaming, the 900 professional works fine, and you will be ready to find the position of action, however,

due to the mediocre soundstage, the experience isn’t as outstanding because of the remainder of this earphone. however overall, I still can’t say that the JBL Quantum a hundred has higher sound quality, as a result of for a typical person, Eska E900 Pro Headphone

they are doing have slightly lacking bass, and bass is a locality that individuals get very emotional regarding, so I would say that each of those headphones area units quite draws in quality with the EKSA 900Pro giving whole bass expertise, and also

the Quantum a hundred having additional refinement inside and treble, with a wider soundstage. on the other hand in fact, after you think about the fact that the Quantum a hundred doesn’t even embody a splitter within the box, and doesn’t have removable earpads,

USB affiliation mode, and lights on the telephone receiver, you are doing understand what an unimaginable worth the EKSA 900 professional is giving.

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