Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F
Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

–Hey. pouty-pants!–Pouty-pants! Pouty-pants! Sorbet-sama… What is it? Planet 448, sir.The native uprising has gotten worse, and the situation is becoming untenable. Increase the number of soldiers. The trouble is, with allthe fighting on other worlds, we can only send a few more soldiers.Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

What? Damn. Disengage. Disengage! This is Sorbet. Tell me,have you found the planet with the remaining surviving Namekians yet? I am terribly sorry, Sorbet-sama. We are using a large number of spy cameras, but as before, we havebeen unable to locate them. Tch! Then there’s no otherchoice but to go to earth.

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Earth? But that’s dangerous, isn’t it? The woman who is said to beable to search for Dragon Balls is in league with that Super Saiyan! If we can’t find the Namekians,we have no choice but to go to earth. Besides, according to thedata the spy cameras scouted out, the woman isn’t the only onewho can find the Dragon Balls.

I know the data showed that there was one other. Tagoma! The two of us are going to earth! Yes, sir. But only the two of us are going? Hmph The earth Saiyans seem to have the ability to detect substantial battlepowers without using a Scouter. If we go in larger numbers,there is a risk of us being noticed. I see. Understood.

Sorbet-sama, you’re going personally? Of course. Freeza-sama is coming back to life! Sorbet-sama, I’ve found them! There they are! What? They already have a number of them gathered. All right, hurry! We have to catch them beforethey find them all, no matter what! Yes, sir! Well? The last one is here, right? Y-Yes, it should be directly below us, but this is trouble.

The sea floor here, of all places,is considerably deep. Tagoma, dive in and retrieve it. Yes, sir. Excuse us just a moment… Mai, it’s because you couldn’t findthem quickly with the Dragon Radar that those crazy aliens are goingto snatch them from us, you know! Pilaf-sama, you should turn them down flat!

At this point, you take your gun,and Shou, you use your katana, and… Pow-pow-pow-pow! Take care of them! Huh? Pilaf-sama, aren’t you going to fight? I’m supposed to be the brains here,but what choice is there? Let’s do it! Just because I’m small,you shouldn’t take me too lightly. –We’re not taking you lightly!–We’re terribly sorry for this! I’m sorry we’re getting back a little late. Huh? Pan-chan, sorry we’re so late.

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Uncle Piccolo sure is nice,even for someone green, huh? Hmph! Hmm? Huh? What’s the matter? I’m sensing an unpleasant Ki in that direction. Eh? Ah, now that you mention it… What could it be? I don’t know. Ah, there, there. I’m sorry.We’re late, aren’t we? Okay, get started. Y-You’re not going to kill us oranything once we’re done, right? Don’t worry. It’s possible thatwe may still have a use for you later. What, you doubt me? No, not at all.

I-I have a boyfriend named Trunks! Get started already! C-Come forth, Shen Long! And grant me my wish! It just got dark. It couldn’t be… Shen Long? But where? Now, speak thy wish.I shall grant thee any wish. G-Go ahead. Sorbet-sama, quickly! A-All right. Okay, here goes. Bring Freeza-sama back to life! Wh-What’s the matter?You will grant any wish, right? Of course, it is possible. However, that being’s bodywas cut to pieces long ago, and cannot be regenerated.

There is little point inbringing his soul back like this. Freeza! I-Is that right? That would be bad, huh? Sorbet-sama, even dismembered, with the latest regenerationmachine our forces now use, it may be possible to restore him. Oh yeah! You’re right. Okay! Hey! It doesn’t matter if he’s in pieces.Bring him back to life now! You certainly are bossy. B-Bring Freeza-sama back to life… please. What’s the use? Very well.

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Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F
Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

Now then, speak thy next wish. What? Next wish? You can grant two? Yes. When earth’s Kami changed,I was also renewed. Two… Two, huh? Maybe I should bringPapa Freeza-sama back, as well. I want 1,000,000 zeni! Thy wish has been granted. And now, farewell. Wh-Why that little punk! Sorbet-sama, we must hurry.

The Saiyans may be coming. Okay, let me go! I know we havea cryopreservation device packed! Go and get it at once! Yes, sir! This is Freeza-sama we’re talking about. With his life force and our technology, we can definitely bring him back! Um, excuse me… You forgot something. Here you go. Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

Good job. I will be back here again shortly. This time with Freeza-sama, and my soldiers. Nice going, Shou. As long as you were asking,you could have made it a huge fortune, like a hundred million zeni. I was just thinking that with that much money, we could eat very well for a while.

I get it! All right, let’s goget some Mongolian barbecue! –With pudding! With pudding, too!–Yay! Good food! Good food! It’s gone. I wonder what that was. I have a bad feeling about this. W-Welcome home, Freeza-sama. Hmm? Who are you? I-I am Sorbet. I was on yourstaff before, in the 3rd Stellar Region. Ah, you do look a little familiar.

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Presently, I am leading ourforces in your place, Freeza-sama. You are? Apparently, I really have come back to life. Yes, sir, using the Dragon Ballsand our new regenerative machine. Dragon Balls? Ah, those mysteriousorbs the Namekians possess? We could not find the Namekians,so Tagoma and I went to earth, and used the Balls that are there. I am Tagoma. I assistedin your revival, Freeza-sama. I am Sisami, sir.

They are outstanding warriors, rivaling even the now lateZarbon-sama and Dodoria-sama. Hmm. Well done, men. Incidentally, it took a great dealof time for you to revive me, yes? I-I am terribly sorry. Between the Dragon Ballsand the regenerative machine, there were many preparationsthat needed to be made. The suffering was quite terrible,there in earth’s Hell. We are glad that you are back. Hmph. I will wager that thingsdid not go well without me being here,

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