Dragon ball super season 2

Dragon ball super season 2
Dragon ball super season 2

After the battle Shadow Dragons, Goku has left with the eternal dragon Shenron, relieved from his duty to protect the Earth. In Goku’s absence, It is now up to Gohan and the other fighters to maintain this peace.

Eight years have gone by undisturbed until now… A mysterious group approaches earth! Could this be the end of another peaceful era? Time to find out! If you were looking for attention, now you got it. I can assure you that our main objective is nothing something as significant as getting your attention.

Story Line of Dragon Ball super season 2.

I figured, I think it’s time to lay your cards out on the table. Who are you? And what do you guys want. Our identity doesn’t matter? Just know that it isn’t hostility that brings us to this planet. So why are you here? I don’t think you came here just for a simple visit You are perspicious boy…

Well, since we don’t have a lot of time I will get to the point Our planet is in grave danger We have awakened a being which we thought could be useful for some other purposes. Unfortunately, we made a calculated mistake… That very being turned out to be an uncontrollable monster and has power way beyond our reach Why did you have to awaken such a monster? This is none of your concern.

Just know that we came here to ask assistence from the warrior, our planet consider to be the number one in the entire universe… And presumably the only one who’s able to stop this threat… I’m talking about infamous Son Goku. If it’s Kakarot you’re looking for you’re going to be disappointed What are you saying, why should we be disappointed? That idiot you’re looking for is no longer in this dimension He is no longer this dimension? What does that mean? Are you trying to tell me that he is dead?

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He’s not dead Let’s just say he’s dismissed from this world. We don’t even know where he is. Is there any way to recall him in this world? Otherwise, it will be the end of our planet If you’re looking for the strongest warrior in the universe, you don’t need Kakarot.

He’s standing right in front of your eyes. I don’t understand how these guys didn’t know my grandpa… We’ve NEVER met them when we were looking for the Black star Dragon Balls… We may get an opportunity to show how much we improved. I don’t think we even need to useSuper Saiyan If not, we’ll fuse and make the heavens shake! So a new threat is upon us, and it looks like my father isn’t returning anytime soon.Dragon Ball super season 2

Which means the responsibility to maintain peace is up to us… I don’t know how strong this being is. In any case I could also reach the fourth level with Bulma’s device. The mental training that I didn’t the old Kaiô-shin will help me control the transformation very easily. But what if all this won’t be enough? I have a bad feeling about this. I’m not peaceful at all… Now that Master Goku is not here with us.

I Will help Gohan and the others to maintain order and peace. I continued to train non-stop and I improved all my techniques to the max. I can’t wait to test my limits! In the past. I’ve always been a liability to others but this time that’s not going to happen… This time I’m ready to fight.

I will show everyone that I can also protect the earth. I’m more than ready. I was hoping to go shopping today… So you’re telling me that I’m talking to strongest warrior in the universe? You seem to be very confident…Do you really believe you can defeat this being?

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Dragon ball super season 2
Dragon ball super season 2

Oh I’m sure of it. My power level far exceeded Kakarot’s power level. Kakarot… Why do keep repeating this name? Does that have anything to do with Goku? That’s the real name of the Saiyan you all call Goku, but I don’t use vulger earthling names. Especially if I’m referring to that incapable moron Hmm… Then we will count on you. We are leaving immediately. We must hurry Two of our elite warriors are facing this monster right now… But they will not be able to last much longer.

At this point, some more Intel should be useful on what we’re going to – No… I – I can’t believe it. It’s impossible You – You’re kidding me, right? It’s like a nightmare There is no time to waste we must hurry up and go! Don’t even think about interfering with my fight!

Anyone who will is gonna have to deal with me! Don’t follow him, I’ll make sure everything goes as it should be by myself. Gohan, can you hear me? Huh wait, this is -is that you Piccolo?! Exactly. Listen to me very carefully Gohan. Do NOT accept their request. You have to stop them before they get the chance to proceed with their plans. I’ve been keeping my eye on that for quite a while now.

Release date of Super Dragon ball.

They’re criminals…. You have to stop them no matter what! The time has come to act! How do you know all this? I met someone particular another world …

But Piccolo, how can you be so sure that- Damnit Gohan, I don’t have much time! Are you going to listen to me or not? These men are NOT to be reasoned with they’re criminals. You must stop them now before there will be consequences! All right piccolo I’ll stop him before they realize their plans. I always knew I could count on you. I have to leave, you know, I have other important business to take care of. Good luck Gohan. Dragon Ball super season 2

What an honor, it appears we are more famous than I thought You tricked us. Who are you really? Unfortunately, I don’t have time to play with insects like you. Please entertain our kind guests, some place far away from here. I will personally take care of you! Why did he bring me here? Where did all the others go? I did not want to kill you at first, but seeing someone had fun spying on us. I have no other choice… He’s very strong… Dangerous too.

List of Dragon Ball super Episodes.

When he grabbed me just now I could feel its tremendous energy. Now… Let’s begin! Just like I thought! He’s Namekian… but why does he have his eye closed, and- Wait a second, I’ve seen this before. He’s very similar to Slug! Could it be? – How did you know Slug? He tried to attack the earth a long time ago, but we were able to beat him. I’m not surprised at all. A long time ago, Slug was part of our group and he was one of the most valuable and talented members… However, as soon as he became a Super Namekian, he also became too ambitious for our project.

So he abandoned us and took off to create his own army. Back then, he was stronger than me… I would have tracked him down killed him myself eventually. But since he’s already dead. That’s no problem anymore. In the end, you’re no different than slug was I won’t allow you to realize your plans. I will beat you right here and right now! He’s a lot stronger than I thought. I can’t lose too much energy… I have to hurry up and finish this.

Which year Dragon Ball super season 2 Release.

His speed is extremely dangerous. I can’t afford any missteps. Perfect, I already won. Do you really believe that a scratch like this will put me down for the count? I only have to wait. Wait for what? You will see soon. Well, in the meantime. I’ll make sure to knock you down! All right, all the prep work is finished or tomorrow, time to go to sleep! Ahh, I can see you’ve been working hard on your studies Gohan. Yeah. Dad just like I was younger. Father?! I can’t believe! Hey! Hey! Calm down, what are you doing? Be very quiet! Listen son. This visit is only temporary.

I don’t have the permission to go back to this world yet. Shenron only allowed me to visit you for a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes? For what father? Looks like my absence is going to be longer than I thought! So I’m gonna ask you something very very important. I want you to protect our family, our friends and the earth from any possible threats that may come in the future. So I really need you to start training again.

Some FaQs About Dragon Ball.

I want you to go all out! Allright? I understand father, but I don’t even know where to begin… I haven’t trained in so long. How can I defend the earth the way that you did? I’m not even close to your level! Don’t make me laugh! Remember how strong you were before? You can become even stronger than me if you want and don’t worry about your training. I already asked the Supreme Kai to train you again.

You’re going through some very special training. I understand dad. I’ll resume my training! I owe you for all those times that you saved us. Very well, son! I leave everything in your hands. Tell me Dad, when you left with Shenron. Where did he take you? Where have you been up to until now? I have to go my son.

Directors of Dragon ball super.

My time is up here. See you later! Wait, dad! Don’t leave yet, please! Let me show you how much Pan has grown! Where is it? Where is it? Oh, here it is. Here’s the picture! No, it can’t be! I refuse to believe this insect can transform into something like that! This is my full power, now speak! What’s your main objective? Why did you resurrect a dangerous being like Broly? Even though his expressions gruesome, it’s nothing compared to that terrifying face I remember… Could it be a derived form? Or maybe a pre-transformation… In any case this is dangerous… Hs power far exceeds my own.

I have to come up with something, or else… I see you have no intention of answering me… Well then, you leave me no choice!! What’s happening to my body?! Ahh. I can’t – I can’t move! Hahaha! I completely forgot about the little surprise I gave him just now!

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