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Call of duty whatsapp group link
Call of duty whatsapp group links
Call of duty whatsapp group link
call of duty players whatsapp groups
Tournament call of duty whatsapp groups

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Call of duty whatsapp group link

You may be expecting someone to introduce me, but I’m not like all the other guys so, let me introduce myself: I’m Narco #1 player in the world for several seasons, and I’m risking my life teaching you how to become a pro player in a matter of days giving you the most valuable tips and tricks you’ll ever find, sit down, relax and enjoy hello ladies hello gentlemen

our mission for today is to find a BY 15 and to try it out on the battle field it’s a powerful gun but requires accuracy and a lot of training in a way to be efficient with it later on I’ll show you the proper training that need stop be done as well but now we need to jump off the plane, I’m going to the docks… let’s go! just a quick check it seems to be clear nice it seems that we gonna have some fun straightaway my concern is not this one it’s the one that’s already got inside the room and put his hands on the BY 15

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Call of duty whatsapp group link

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So I’m going straight on him without letting him breathe too much the yellow knife on his hand means he got qualified to the last MP tournament that we had but that means nothing on br. BR and MP are two different worlds don’t mix those things. Coming with that knife to me? Poor creature, here you don’t get respawn every Call of duty whatsapp group links.

one second if you die in here my comrade, need to be strategic, need to think every and each move that you’re gonna make or else you’re gonna spend more time flying with the airplane rather than enjoying the game.

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And don’t make the mistake to think that if you’re with your squad all together nothing bad is gonna happen to you… fight as if you were alone and believe me you’ll last more. Talking from my own experience. here we go I’ve got what I was looking for now let’s have some fun! feels more comfortable playing with the m4.

right mate need to find some adrenaline or a vest or both if possible. As I’ve said BY 15 is a monster, if you hit someone on the middle top of his body within a range of a few meters you can count that one as a dead player.

this weapon can knock you down with one shot even if you have a vest level three on you and being at 100 HP… but as I’ve said you must dominate it first. She just activated the drone I can shoot her from here before her drone catch me in fact that’s what I’m going to do. I know I know my accuracy, you like it!?

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If so, check my video description I’m gonna teach you everything you need to know about it. I didn’t know they’ve released vestslevel five yet. Nice and clean all right now this is how you’re gonna train your accuracy with BY15 all you need is a tree.

One slide jump to the left andshoot, one slide jump to the right and shoot, you should be able to slide once to the right and once to the left but that’s according to your circumstances you can do this training during your regular BR matches two to three minutes per match should be enough until you dominate it. call of duty whatsapp group links.

now let’s see how it works in practice! it’s a little bot but helps you have an idea why you need to train with the trees one of them is on top need to keep that in mind he can jump and surprise me at any time right why would they both go and revive their teammate knowing that I was inside that room he won’t gonna get revived faster hey there whatever you must fight with me right and the other

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one revive him Jesus don’t want to be a coward shooting you from behind no way mate trying to revive him as well huh that’s not funny at all go and take the airplane again we have my little boy on top though here we go remember from the training before slide jump and to shoot nice now the golden shotgun suppressor gives you more accuracy and also make you slide for a longer distance but decrease the range of your shots usually I play with a long barrel for longer range shots Naha we have a tank to the party but this time I they cure my one of them has BY 15 it’s important to recognize

the weapons sounds to anticipate the way that you’re going to approach them the revived light will arrive at one minute this one is the BY15 guy it makes it easy for me by practically standing in front of me while trying to hit me I’m glad he didn’t saw my training yet the crates of the enemies I’ve just killed call of duty whatsapp group links.

when they were driving the tank are right there what I’m going to do next is to make wall of smoke just in case there’ll be any snipers on that hills noticed that he has a full vest level three even though I’ve killed him any player

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who died in an explosion won’t gonna get his vest damaged there are only BOTS left alive now, nothing that you can learn from that but I want to show you something in particular whenever you want to shoot at a target that suddenly moves left or right the only thing you have to do to maintain your accuracy is to move the same left or right while shooting according to your enemy movements this specially applies on long distance fire. See what I’m talking about! if you want more tips and tricks like this I’ll leave you a link to some videos of mine in this video description.

Get my knowledges and make the best use of them, and remember, in game same as in real life, Call of duty whatsapp group links practice brings you close to perfection. Soldiers my mission end shere after all this speech I would appreciate if you buy me a drink,link on the description. Also if you want to come with me on the battlefield,join my discord server. I was Narco, number one in the world for several seasons, let me know if you have enjoyed my tips and tricks to bring you more, cheers mate!

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